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1. In the sport of curling, when you raise a stone outside of the rings directly back onto a stone inside of the rings. This is a difficult shot to execute, and is usually attempted when a come-around is not available.

2. A segment in the podcast "The Curling Show," where host Dean Gemmell asks the guest to respond in "one to three words" about a particular name or topic (he is often very liberal with the word count!).
Hart really stuck that runback! Great shot!
by jazzace September 13, 2009
In the sport of curling, the subsection of the game where both teams throw the same number of rocks (eight each in a standard game). Scoring only occurs at the conclusion of an end.
Are we playing eight or ten ends?
We're up one with the hammer with one end to play — we're sure to win!
Ferbey scored 4 in the sixth end, so Gushue shook hands.
by jazzace September 13, 2009
1. In the sport of curling, the right to throw the last stone/rock in an end. When speaking strategy, the word is often implied without being spoken.

2. A curling brush with a moveable head, popular in the 1990s.
Howard is up one with the hammer in the 8th End.
Jones blanked the end to maintain the hammer.
Would you rather be one up without or one down with? (meaning: ...ahead by one without the hammer...)
by jazzace September 13, 2009

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