1. In the sport of curling, when you raise a stone outside of the rings directly back onto a stone inside of the rings. This is a difficult shot to execute, and is usually attempted when a come-around is not available.

2. A segment in the podcast "The Curling Show," where host Dean Gemmell asks the guest to respond in "one to three words" about a particular name or topic (he is often very liberal with the word count!).
Hart really stuck that runback! Great shot!
by jazzace September 13, 2009
Top Definition
Term used in the fighting game community to describe a rematch.
Also a verb.
n. Last time they played, Tim got bodied by Steve, but I think Tim's going to win the runback on Friday.

v. Oh shit, Fuudo and Latif are going to run it back next week?
by UncleGary July 15, 2012
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