You and ya niggas take turns fuckin a phat hoe.
Hey boys, lets go run a train on your mom.
by Turckypusymann October 03, 2016
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to have hot sex with your guy at a random moment
OH that dude is so fine imma run a train on his ass.
by Truetothanastyness May 03, 2007
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When letting one or more have sex with you
via giphy
by NeverlackinZack October 02, 2016
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Run a train: To run a train on someone is to get multiple people lined up and have sex with a single person one after the other.
To have a train ran on you is to be the willing participant waiting for each member of the train to have sex with you.
Person 1: can me and my boys run a train on you?
Person 2: yes you and your boys can run a train on me!
by NuggetsAreFamily October 02, 2016
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