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One who explores the ass, and anal cavaties for one owns pleasure. Usually for gay men, that like men. Seriously, they have sex in the but.
The rump ranger relieved himself on Gary.
by Adibidibi March 04, 2003
20 26
Texas slang for a homosexual
Texas Rump Rangers should move to San Fagshitco
by andy1 August 06, 2005
447 108
A homosexual male, so called because anal sex is performed from behind.
Sir Elton John is a rump ranger.
by fillyphile May 03, 2005
183 66
adjective, synonymous with homosexual, one that enjoys anal sex with that of the same sex.
"Hey, I saw two rump rangers at Pickle Park!"
by JNP August 27, 2007
74 26
a name for a gay man. Or one who fucks man ass.
Dude that guy looks like such a rumpranger
by Matt Messier January 14, 2005
30 6
Gay guys that go around looking for male ass.
your dads a rump ranger
by Jesus June 06, 2003
33 9
One who quests for rump
That damn rump ranger is at it again.
by Bleh November 23, 2002
65 45