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ru-mev (roo-mev)
1) To beat around the bush, annoyingly, when asked a question instead of just answering the question.
2) Extreme form of obnoxious and annoying.
Man 1: Hey, was there a paper sitting on your keyboard at your desk?
Man 2: This is not my desk. This is property of the company. This is just where I sit everyday.
Man 1: Okay...Was there a paper on the keyboard?
Man 2: There are many papers on the desk, which one do you want?
Man 1: The one on the keyboard. Is there one on the keyboard? I might have left it there yesterday.
Man 2: There is a couple papers stapled together, not one paper.
Man 1: You are being very rumev right now. Just hand me the papers!
Man 2: ROGER!!!
by TheSuperStarSeanSlayton December 08, 2008
rum-ev (Roo-Mev)
1) When one beats around the bush when asked a question, instead of easily just answering the question.
2) To be of great annoyance.
3) To be completely obnoxious.
Man 1: Was there a paper on your desk?
Man 2: This is my desk? It is not my desk, it is just a place where I sit.
Man 1: Okay...Was there a paper on the desk?
Man 2: I have not looked for one.
Man 1: Okay...You are being pretty rumev right now. I just need you to tell me if there was a paper on the desk.
Man 2: I do not see any papers on my desk. NO!
by MrSnarkyBlackheart December 07, 2008
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