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First two rules of an infamous site on the Internetz. They both mean that you're not allowed to talk about the site. Ironically, rules 1 and 2 have become a defining feature of the site, essentially making them useless whenever cited.
Rules 1 and 2, motherfucker!
#anonymous #mudkips #rule 34 #rule 35 #chan
by Abdomumibinima April 19, 2007
1. You do not talk about /b/.
2. You DO NOT talk about /b/.

What everyone forgets is that they only apply when said site raids another site.
rules 1 and 2 only apply during raids, idiot
#/b/ #4chan #rule 34 #rules of the internet #raid
by Daymoon April 09, 2008
Part of the "rules of the internet", made in early 2006 by someone in the /b/ section of 4chan who fancies the site a secret underground.

Due to the /b/ section being overrun with users from sites such as Gaia Online and MySpace, these rules were accepted, and more people took part in the illusion that 4chan is a SUPAR SECRAT CLOBHAUS. Despite the fact that these two rules state that you shouldn't talk about /b/, some people will cite "RULES 1 AND 2!!" every time 4chan (or even a meme) is mentioned outside of the site.

Thankfully, this vermin of stupidity remains contained in /b/, so people who cite rules 1 and 2 in other boards are bound to get flamed and hopefully banned.
*4chan Steam group is mentioned in a /v/ thread*
Anonymous: facepalm.jpg
Anonymous: kill yourself
#4chan #/b/ #gaia online #cancer #encyclopedia dramatica
by WHYIAMSOBALD October 15, 2007
A. from fight club. a line from brad pitt

B. in relation to 4chan's /b/ board, instructs one not to talk about /b/

Rules followed only by newfags.
So theres a place called /b/ you should check it out

Rules 1 and 2! Rules 1 and 2!

Shut up you faggot.
#/b/ #4chan #fightclub #rule 1 #rule 2 #newfag
by aw shit fuck May 23, 2010
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