A woman who steals small amounts of money per week to supplement an above average income and risk her well-being because of it.
My ex-girlfriend is a ruhtard and probably has herpes.
by Nine1Sic July 01, 2011
Top Definition
A mentally retarded person, or somebody who is slow. Allen from The Hangover says " he was a ruhtard"
Person A: How'd your date go?

Person B: Horrible, the girl was a fuckin' ruhtard. She got the directions wrong and I waited an hour.
by screwfish October 09, 2009
Another way to say retard. Also from the movie 'The Hangover'
James didn't know how to spell phys ed... what a ruhtard
by Tendude June 08, 2010
Very much similar to the word retard however the "ruh" portion is usually said with a "retarded" accent thus giving a greater impression of retardedness. Used to mock and mimic.
ManAssLover: OMG how great is man-ass.
Str8Dude: STFU! "ohhhh look at me i love man butt." You are such a ruh-tard.
by LazyNinja562 September 22, 2009
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