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comes from the acient mediteraneon animal worshi languages, and means the following;
ananlyse (from lizard worshi language)
short (rodant worshi language)
multiplying (monkey worshi language)
bouncey (from the catapile worshi language)
it often was used to DESCIBLE and DESCMINATE small beings who thought they were better than the smaller animals in times.however some of the words can not be translated accuratly in each of the four languages.

yut gdanail ruggieri danyan cyult!= the small animals must be analysed. (lizard worshi)
cult smang diseal seal ruggieri saman = thats girls rathery shorty! (rodant worshi)
plolet skemmii dangle spam ruggieri catn= neather the weather to muliptipling in rain dance (monkey worshi)
yaken ze merk dieal speen skeen ruggieri monk chyldz yuken likenn dancet spang steph dungly darrtz emma catnni dahg mrz faze ligt. = the child is bouncey (catapile worshi)
by dr stuard January 25, 2008
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