Hard hitting, fast paced. Great fun. Not, as many have mentioned, an excuse to get in a fight. In fact, fights don't often happen, and when they do, they're over rather quickly. Very little padding (only a scrum cap, and perhaps some shoulder pads---Neither of which make you a pussy. Plenty of pro players use them). A true game for all. No if, and, or buts. Anyone and everyone can play, there's a position to fit each (Just ask our former hooker, who's about 4'10", 90 pounds soaking wet).
Elegant Violence.
Brimming with camraderie. You play, kick some ass, and go party afterwards.
Go All Blacks! New Zealand for the Cup!
American Football stems from this.
American football is rugby for pussies.-Dominic Monaghan
by KC Marie September 20, 2005
The Chuck Norris of sports.
Dude 1: Wanna play some rugby
Dude 2:Nah
Dude 1: Why?
Dude 2:I broke my jaw getting rounhouse kicked 50 times.
by gxems February 28, 2010
rugby rocks, american football isnt that bad, and soccer is for pansies. end of story. go all blacks and fiji.
Rupeni Caucau is an amazing rugby player.
by rgea March 23, 2005
Rugby Union: Great sport played by 15 hard bastard athletes. Lots of variation in play and tactics.

Rugby League: Version of Union simplified for the mind workings of Northern Chav followers. Mainly consists of one man hurling himself at 3 opponents 5 times then kicking the ball.
Rugby League: "And it's the 5th play the ball.... what's he gonna do?.... Oh he's gonna kick it!"
by Turku Bentu July 04, 2006
American football, without the pads and alot more skill. Played by men and women alike. Becoming increasingly more popular game for girls and ladies to play.
"Who's the worlds best kicker in rugby"?
"Ah, must be Johnny Wilkinson. Did you see that kick in the 2003 World Cup"? ;)
by *cory* September 22, 2005
Going to say it again there are 2 main types of rugby,
League = sucks arse, always stopping everytime someone gets tackled and gives time for players to recover

Union = the game played in heaven, more rolling sport where you need to be fitter, smarter and have to outwit your oppents, and you can leagally hurt people. its a real mans sport that is for two types of people the piggies (fowards) who use the weight and the backs who sit and comb their hair and use thier speed. Also when you finish union players a it smarter then league boys and the chicks like it :-)

Better then Gridion where u need that much padding where we don't need it. Football (pussy arse soccer) which basically sucks.
Rugby the game played in heaven
by Nutty87 July 02, 2005
The must skillful, graceful and beautiful forms of brutality in the world.
Soccer is a gentleman's sport played by hooligans. Rugby is a hooligan's sport played by gentleman.
by 6stringsct April 27, 2010

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