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Another term for the drizzling shits via too many chili cheese fries.
Steve had to stop TWO games he was umpiring due to a gnarly case of the ruffies!
by 3archie3 March 23, 2007
96 160
-={WTF}=-'s sexiest member, hung like a horse and in no way a rusty sherrif's badge inspector.
The opposite of Punisher
Damn that Ruffy is one hell of a player and did you see the size of his hampton?
by Ruffy January 21, 2005
22 37
A drug that is, unfortunatly, illegal in the US, but used everywhere else as a sedative and also used in anesthesia. Since its amazing ability to cause an unwanted tiredness, fatigue, and the lack of memory the next morning, it is commonly used by us date-rapers.
Yo, last night I gave that bitch ruffies and I had a GREAT night ;) ;)
by The Date-Rape Extroidenaire July 01, 2006
250 303