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pronounced rude-i-tude-i-nal

to cop a rude attitude, usually toward someone you consider your social or coolness inferior

"That new GenXY dude in IT went all ruditudinal on me, acting all myfacy and chit, like I never heard of the web... so I went all homeboy wiggerspeak on his sorry pale ass, then ended it with some choice high-tech quotes from my homey Snoop."

"Man, you gotta lay off the expresso. Them young folks round here gonna think you're some crazy old dino dude."

"Fer shizzle, bro. Teach them young mofos not to fuck duck with the buck or rude tude with the dude."

#rudeness #coolness #cop attitude #attitudinal #semi-pro #inferior #superior #best of the best #genxy #expresso #dino
by dsimms April 25, 2008
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