Leon from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" brings it to the ladies, because he gets his.
"Well it wasn't mine, you know why? Because i gets mine, Larry. I brings the ruckus to the ladies!"
by ruckus boy August 25, 2008
Top Definition
a disturbance, loud obnoxious noise
principal: whats this ruckus?
student: I didnt hear a ruckus
principal: I heard a ruckus
student: can you describe this ruckus?
by jesse April 22, 2004
A drunk person acting ridiculous/causing a scene
That girl was such a ruckus last night that she pulled up her dress in front of everyone.
by KT69 February 27, 2008
to wreak havoc on another teams defense
the drs forwards caused a ruckus in the offensive zone with all of the pressure they applied
by da greenhouse November 19, 2008
A wild and insanely talented hockey team that plays in toronto
Hockey Player 1: Who we playing tonight man?
Hockey Player 2: I think we're playing that Ruckus team.
Hockey Player 1: Fuck that I'm going home!
by Platterrrr November 14, 2010
the bass line of a song. commonly used by punk bands
*bassist lays down a nice bass line*
by klinger934 August 11, 2008
It's the ultimate state of being. Being 'in a ruckus/rookus' is causing the greatest level of awesomeness by way of weaseling girls, doing double sideflips or have 'eyes like a showroom'

Being in a state of said Ruckus is like being in love. No one can really say that you are, you just. . . do things and thus it manifests itself into something
*person performs a double sideflip*
PERSON 1: OHMIGOD, that was a total ruckus!

Asking people for directions to places that do not exist

wrappig someones car in cling film
by Flashkick_101 June 16, 2009

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