a large sweaty person resembling a bear who eats all of your food and then cleveland steamrolls you
This guy crashed the party, sweat all over the place, ate all my food and then shit on my bed. What a rucci.
by Choda boy October 13, 2004
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Getting tricked into a homosexual sex act by way of deceit
Carl thought he was gonna have a threesome but Dennis pulled a Rucci on him
by Coolmark July 10, 2014
v. When a dirty Italian gets with one of his friend's ex girlfriends. First discovered by the ball dropper Jlevs

n. One who gets by life on left over scraps from other people's food.
v. Luigi ruccied Glen's ex girl friend last night at the party.

n. Luigi is such a rucci, he ate my pizza last night while I was gone.
by Jlevs November 29, 2004

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