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The final, and deciding game between two tied teams/opponents.
After both Frank and John won a game, they will play a rubber match to see who is the ultimate winner.
by Vertigo84 February 25, 2006
Most commonly used in boxing and MMA (mixed martial-arts), a rubbermatch is the third (and tie-breaking) match between two teams or individuals who have previously beaten each other once.

After the outcomes of Couture vs Liddell 1 & 2, a rubbermatch was inevitable to decide the superior fighter.
by tahoe5280 May 06, 2006
When you're fucking a dude in the ass so hard with a condom, that your dick literally bursts into flames. Hence, a rubber match.
Because he got a rubber match again and burned his dick.
by TrojanMan85 October 04, 2010
The tie-breaking game between two baseball teams in a series. They call it a rubber match because the winning pitcher receives a tote bag full of condoms. All rubber matches are sponsored by Trojan. The policy was implemented in 1957 when pitcher Guy Hugesac died of "explosive syphilis" while pitching game 7 of the World Series.
Josh Beckett won the rubber match today! Thank God he won't be dying of explosive syphilis any time soon.
by Ahmad00 July 13, 2008
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