Verb: To rubber knife. Closely related to whiskey dick. Attempting sexual intercourse with a semi-flacid, half stock erection.
"I got fall down drunk last night on Gin and rubber knifed my best friends fiance". "My girlfriend is pissed at me cause I rubber knifed her last night"
by Jeremy Maddox December 22, 2007
1. An object, made of rubber or other pliable synthetic material, that is shaped like a knife.

2. A device used to generate various band names, i.e., The Rubber Knives, RubbaNife, Da RubbaNyfe Krew, etc.

3. An object used to irritate Adam and scare cats.
1. Man, that rubber knife solves everything!
2. Hmm...lets try to think of a country band name from rubber Knife
3. *stab* *stab* rubba knife!!! rubba knife! *stab* *stab*
by Phroot December 19, 2007

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