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One of the most amazing and talented people you will ever meet. Always there no matter what, when they set there minds to something there is no stopping them. One of those people that's always up for a laugh, will miss you if they go somewhere for a long period of time. Cute, funny, laid back, young at heart. loves their family so much and would do anything for them no matter whhat.
Rubrub ' I miss you '

You ' I miss you too '

Rubrub ' love you '
by ahjgv May 06, 2011
The term used when a male gives the female a massage just because he wants to and thinks thats the least she deserves. Rub rub will normally go on for about 1 hour, maybe 2 hours, depending on how fast the female falls asleep. Throughout the duration of rub rub, if the female gets thirsty, the male is inclined to go and get her a drink of nesquik to quench her thirst throughout the rub rub. And to clarify, the female should never have to give rub rub.
Female: I would like some rub rub
Male: Sure no problem, I thought you'd never ask
by snugglemypussy November 13, 2010
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