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Short from for "Runescape Private Server". Private servers of Runescape have been out for about 7 years and are still really shitty.
"Come join my rsps?"

"No, it's a clone like every other server. Pickup and get maxed stats in one code."
by Trip2 Lumby3 from FI/TH January 27, 2010

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RSP is the abridgment of RSPortal. RSPortal is a community with almost over 10.000 members.

This word is used on messenger, msn.
Kevin: Hey, are you on RSP?
Geertjan: RSP?
Kevin: RSPortal!
Geertjan: Oh, of course!
Kevin: You playing games on RSP?
Geertjan: Yup, RSP rocks, doesn't it?
Kevin: Yeah.
by KevinTehMeh July 08, 2010
A higher resource of low function students. Someone who may struggle in only one subject.
RSP is a smarter Special Ed. person.
by SR. Corona April 08, 2006