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Recreational sex partner: someone who is down to bang whenever and wherever with not emotional attachment
Damn I'm in need of an RSP
by Hannahhhhh22 January 28, 2016
Short from for "Runescape Private Server". Private servers of Runescape have been out for about 7 years and are still really shitty.
"Come join my rsps?"

"No, it's a clone like every other server. Pickup and get maxed stats in one code."
by Trip2 Lumby3 from FI/TH January 27, 2010
RSP is the abridgment of RSPortal. RSPortal is a community with almost over 10.000 members.

This word is used on messenger, msn.
Kevin: Hey, are you on RSP?
Geertjan: RSP?
Kevin: RSPortal!
Geertjan: Oh, of course!
Kevin: You playing games on RSP?
Geertjan: Yup, RSP rocks, doesn't it?
Kevin: Yeah.
by KevinTehMeh July 08, 2010
A higher resource of low function students. Someone who may struggle in only one subject.
RSP is a smarter Special Ed. person.
by SR. Corona April 08, 2006
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