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Roid-Raging, Small Penis, Piece Of Shit, Douche Bag

Often, but not limited to one who drives a pick-up truck and is tooled around by a racing company. This alleged person smokes more than he/she breathes and loves shaft. This joke of a human being often mistakes cock with vagina, hence his "5-vagina kill count" is really 5 good dick sucks.

This case is most commonly found in biological men that are pathologically-lying women.
John: "Look! What an RRSPPOSDB!"
Abraham: "Oh, true! He's driving an F-150 with shitty blacked-out tail lights on the way to smoke hookah with whale-shaped girls that he will get handjobs from and whose weight he'll underestimate by several hundred pounds when he brags to his friends!"

Michelle: "Do I smell burning fish?"
Suzie: "Nahh.. That's probably some RRSPPOSDB's vagina hair being singed by a poorly-wrapped blunt. No need to worry about that thing..."

Daniel: "Do these shorts make my ass look nice?"
Norman: "Bro, you're the biggest RRSPPOSDB i've ever met. faggot"
by gay4lifeballs November 24, 2009
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