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Literally one of the hells in the Internet. This is an internet forum for the discussion of anything that's related to role-playing games but just like most internet forums, they can deviate from that and discuss other things. However, most of the members of that particular forum seems to hate pretty much everything, say curse words all the time, accuse fictional characters of being things that they dislike, and regularly use racist or antisemitic words all the time. Even the moderators are pretty terrible as they also seem to unable to stop the insanity of the forums and they sometimes even join in the racism, cursing and trolling. Overall, the place is one of the literal hells of the Internet. Seriously, it's on par with youtube comments, gamefaqs message boards and comic book resources in terms of stupidity and insanity.
What's the definition of the word rpgcodex?

Hell itself.
by Hellrider285 January 18, 2014
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