Means beautiful dream, vision and premonition. Roya is mysterious and gentle. She is enchanting, beautiful in a way that is different and kind. She is the dark and the light, the nettle and the flower, the hysterical and the calm.

Person 1: That Roya is sooo cool, its like there are two parts to her.
Person 2: I sooo understand, its like she's two people but not in a bad way.
by Midnight Sun April 17, 2010
Top Definition
Roya hot ass persian girl who is usually the best looking girl you can find. She is any guy's dream fantasy (hence the definition of her name in Farsi is "fantasy) usually she has dark hair eyes makes her mysterious and sexy.
Holy crap...i just saw a Roya...and DAMN did she look fine!
by Jason November 29, 2004
1. A Devilish Brunette
2. One dark haired beauty who's intoxicating company (hot bod, flashing eyes, sly smile, and dry wit) teases all your fantasies but never fulfills them, and yet makes you always want to see her again. Especially potent in combination with hot-tubs or practice midterms.
Alas, if only I were single, I would make Roya mine.
by Mr. Corny January 09, 2006
It means dream or fantasy in persian/farsi/parsi
Your my Roya
by Roya February 06, 2004
A pretty Persian girl who is any guy's dream fantasy (hence the definition of her name in farsi "fantasy"). She is funny when you get to know her. Her long dark hair makes her mysterious and beautiful. Her eyes are usually a beautiful shade of brown.
I just saw Roya and she looked AMAZING!
by BOBISCOOL123 May 01, 2011
Roya means beautiful dream and vision in Persian and she truly is

Roya is the most beautiful, wonderful, kind person you will ever meet. She is the definition of beauty and perfection from both inside and out. She usually has golden brown hair and blue, green, brown eyes.

Many people fall in love with Roya, but she only loves one. That one might not realize it directly, but they soon will. When they do, they will realize they just cant stop thinking about her. The person that Roya will chose and who is the perfect person for her is most likely Sebastian, Jacob, or Jack.

Roya is good at everything she tries. She usually sings like an angel, dances ballet, loves animals, and has a talent for music, dancing, and acting, as well as languages. If you know Roya you are lucky. She always tries her best and only wants the best for you and her friends. Don't intend on wasting your time when you are with her. She might get bullied and teased, but she loves her life and herself and just doesn't intend on wasting life because to her, life is a gift. Roya is always nice to people, but people are usually mean or rude back. She has the heart to forgive, that is why she is so special. Roya is that girl that is sick and tired of being nice and polite and ending up with nothing but rudeness back, but she is always nice to the people that deserve it. Roya knows that just because she is alone doesn't mean she is lonely, that whatever people say isn't true, and that life is a gift.
Person 1: DAMN did you see Roya?? She looked so gorgeous.

Person 2: Are you kidding, she always is. I am so sad that I missed my chance of being nice to her, that I was rude and disrespectful and especially mean.

Person 1: Same here.

Person 2: Yeah I think I have fallen in love. I cant just seem to stop thinking about her.

Person 1: Same here
by Eleca May 27, 2014
Roya means beautiful dream and vision in Persian and she truly is.
If you know a Roya, you are very lucky. Roya loves to play around and likes you for who you are, not what you look like. She only wants what's best for you and her friends. Don't intend on wasting your time with her because she is very valuable, she has the heart to forgive.

Roya is usually a golden brown hair color and green, blue, brownish eyes. Roya is the definition of beauty and kindness, the most beautiful and perfect girl you will ever meet, from both inside and out . Many people fall in love with her hair and eyes but she loves only one, and that one will always have or be something special. And maybe that one doesn't realize it the first moment, but soon he realizes that he cant stop thinking about her and he is in love.
Roya is nice to everybody, but she gets pissed off because she has been nice and polite to people the whole time and they are only rude back. She sings like an angel, has a musical talent, is good in almost everything, and most likely does ballet. She always tries her best, no matter what and she tries to encourage people to do their best as well. Sometimes, people are mean to Roya and call her a loner, but there is one fact in her head, just because she is alone, doesn't mean she's lonely. Even though people can treat her badly, she will always be herself in her heart, and people find her annoying, but they don't know her.

Names that go with Roya:
Person 1: DAMN did you see Roya today?
Person 2: Yeah, she looked fine. I wish we were friends

Person 1: Your right, we had the chance to be nice to her but we just blew it off by being mean
Person 2:Yeah, I miss having her around
Person 1: Me too
Person 2: But damn is she the most beautiful girl
by Ramara McKennedy May 26, 2014
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