Top Definition
An Incredibly L33T way of saying "Kick Ass"
OMFG THAT CS PWN/\G3 t0t/\LLy roxorz my boxorz!!! OMFG!!
by yurg//No replies April 07, 2003
1 Word related to roxors my boxors
to kick extremely much ass; bitchin'
Wow, that movie totally roxors my boxors
by Kw4ntuM February 08, 2003
leet exclamation of happiness about a person, place, thing, or idea. Stems off of 'rox my box' where box would symbolize a computer tower.
Dude: omfg you roxor my boxors
Dudette: omfg wanna teh mack out?
by Jeff July 16, 2003
To make somebody horny or want to freak somebody up.
Hayato Kanzaki roxors my boxors!
by RatchetBoo May 15, 2003
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