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A 30mg small round blue pill with the imprint, A/215.
I blew down 5 roxies the other day and i felt like i was on top of the world, chain smoking.. until i finally knodded off.
by GangbangG February 25, 2008
A fun out going dog. Very interactive with people and other animals. Fearless to anything, even things that can step on her. Extremely stubborn, but loving. Hard to train
Man Roxi just won't pee outside.
by greatgirl August 17, 2011
1. A small carnivorous mammal (Felis Catgirlus F. Domesticus) domesticated since early times as a catcher of bishounen in tight clothing. Also existing in different breeds and varities.
Did you give Roxi a bath? a back rub? CAT NIP!?
by Roxi January 22, 2004
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