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the best person you will ever meet times ten. sometimes he can be seen sporting a thick, reddish brown but mostly brown lumberjack beard, sometimes he is clean shaven, usually somewhere between the two. the sweetest eyes and cutest smile. he is definitely a looker. Rowin is good in the sack, once you get with a Rowin you might as well stop where you're at because guaranteed you are having the best sex of your life. he has a big heart, and will fall for you too quick for his own good, but this is okay because you too will find yourself completely head over heels for him. Rowin is the most irresistible person you will ever meet.
Girl 1: "wow do you see that guy over there?"
Girl 2: "yes. I think I am in love with him."
Girl 1: "I think I am too"
Girl 2: "he must be a Rowin"
#baller #sexsymbol #alwaysdtf #originalgangster #genius
by christmastimesnowflakelatte December 06, 2013
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