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A friend, some one who is known well and is considred a member of ones extended family
When I leave the second line I am going by my rounds house.
by RyanR April 26, 2006
123 135
a close friend,best friend, or buddy.
Bitches smiling in my face,they ain my round.
by Get $ November 05, 2006
117 131
To insult someone so hilariously, that everyone wants to give you a high five so you go around and give high fives to every dude (female optional) in the room, normally in a circle, except of course the male you have insulted.

Originated from the term, "go around and give everyone a high five", but thats way to long for a real man to say

Cannot be initiated by the person who made the joke.
Guy: I love jesus, dont you?
Guy2: Stop talking to me you flying cunt
Guy3: LMAO, dude rounds!

*Guy2 precedes to give high fives to everyone in the room*
by Notwhouthink October 08, 2009
4 20
western australian slang for ecstasy
you know where i can get some rounds bro?
by lightsout186 July 31, 2006
19 35
going around to your friends houses one after another.
C'mon, shall we do the rounds? See what everyones up to.
by kittycatch July 23, 2006
6 22
Slang for playing long sessions of multiplayer Halo.
Hey Mike you wanna go over to Dave's later and play some rounds? He's having a LAN party.
by B-time December 20, 2008
14 31
When one person buys drinks (normally alcoholic) for a group of people, preferably friends.
Matt: "Whos round is it?"
Dave: "I got last round, it's your turn"
by RabbidSquirrel October 21, 2006
93 113