The act of getting a woman/man drunk and interacting in sexual intercourse, then sobering them up and having sex with them again. This is often done so that women can not charge men for raping them while they are drunk.
Are you up for Round 2?

Yea! Just a second, HEY BARTENDER...
by ChAdkins April 13, 2011
Top Definition
A college student who failed a class, has to retake it for a better score, and because they've had it before either try to act like the teachers pet or as if they already have all the answers.

They usually are wrong and are typically viewed as a loud-mouth know-it-all who knows nothing otherwise they wouldn't have to take it again.

Often times NOT the person you want helping you with your coursework because they were failures in the first place.

Started at Pikes Peak Community College & University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in 2010.
Round 2: "The civil war was in 1940!"
Professor: "That is incorrect."
Classmate: "Riiiiight, nice going there Round 2."

Round 2: "I took this class last semester, it's really easy."
You: "Then what the heck are you doing here? Nice work Round Two. You're a real winner."
by fox84 September 27, 2010
You've just finished taking a giant dump and you're about to pull up your trousers after wiping your ass squeeky-clean when suddenly you feel another shit-missile about to explode out of your rectum.
Guy 1: Dude what took you so long in the bathroom? Were you beating off?
Guy 2: No, man, I had a serious case of round 2.
by LeagueOfLulz January 24, 2011
after some satisfying pleasure.. you just say round 2 - to recieve it again!

D: :) ROUND 2!! ROUND 2!!!


D: that was good, keep goin! ROUND 2!
by I was on the patio April 08, 2004
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