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Similar to the social class concept of bourgeious, 'rougeious' is a term that defines a particular social position and attitude. 'Rougeious' denotes the rural lower socioeconomic class, especially in the southern US, (aka red-necks) whose attitudes and behaviors are marked by conformity to the standards and conventions of the middle class. The members of the 'rougeious' occupy a socioeconomic position intermediate between those of the lower classes and the wealthy, and in general are materialistic and capitalist in mindset, with a tendency for striving for mediocracy. See 'rougeiousie'.
When vacationing at a semi-fancy resort on the Florida panhandle, we encountered numerous members of the rougeious, who were one step out of the double-wide, but imagined themselves as having 'arrived' in the upper middle class society.

Drinking bottled wine and listening to Broadway musical soundtracks on CD on their new setee from Pier 1, Jo Ann and Hank comforted themselves with the idea that their status as rougeious would be unassailable after Hank's raise went through at the Parks Department, and they made their first payment on their Chevy Sport Utility Truck (SUT).
by t-ducats December 18, 2009
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