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Combination of multiple acronyms for laughing; an excessively long acronym for laughing to the extreme.

Literally means: Rolling on the fucking floor laughing my fucking ass off until I fucking die from lack of fucking oxygen.
Person A: Dude, I just saw that asshole that stole your board do a major faceplant in the middle of a street full of traffic.

Person B: Rotfflmfaouifdflofo!!

Person C: Call the ambulance! he is gonna die from lack of oxygen!

Person A: Damn, I didn't mean to make him laugh that hard.
#rofl #lmao #lol #acronym #laughing #chat speak #internet terms #roflcopter #oxygen #fuck #fucking #ambulance #blowjob #die
by Corey and Robert February 06, 2008
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