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adj. ross·er, ross·ome
n. ross·ity, ross·ness

1. Of or pertaining to something, that, by the carefully judged standards of a select few individuals, is very cool and awesome
2. But not just normally awesome, it is a special kind of awesome that I wouldn't really expect you to understand unless you have truly felt the power of something ross in your life.
3. When you feel that something might be ross, you should consult me and I will tell you if it is or isn't.
4. Of course it's slightly subjective, but not really.
5. Some common misconceptions link this word to the stupid Friends character Ross. This is patently untrue. It has nothing to do with him, especially because he is not ross. The word is derived from the maniacal babblings of the Ealy family.
"Man, that DMB concert at Randall's Island was ross."
"I met this guy and he is rossome."
"Sometimes I am so cool it's hard to comprehend my own rossity."
by Shannon Ealy May 08, 2007
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When Something Is Straight Awsome To The Max.
"Seven forty-five, white on white, thats fuckin ross."
by boobieman February 19, 2008

An alien being that can aften be found at in locations of very high fun density. Otherwise, favoured habitat is forests or rivers.

A Ross looks human from the outside, but are obviously alien when you observe them competiting against humans in the wild where Ross's clearly outperform humans in all areas.

If you see a Ross, kiss it. They like that.
"daddy, is that person an alien? he's so much quicker than all the other runners in the race"

...."No son, he must be a Ross"
A Ross is a sexy beast. Found mainly in lush green climates, some occasionally migrate to much colder areas. Feeds on take away and strawberry Yoohoo. When encountered, hug tightly, and don't let go.
Check out that Ross over there! Hubba Hubba!
by pilsa April 11, 2006
Smart, intelligent, Knows how to have a laugh. Loved by many. Some think of him as a geek but he's nothing of the sort. Madly in love with one of his best mates but she doesn't know yet. Hey, they always say it's hard to let go of some people with certain names...
"Hey Ross are you coming to maths club?"
"Eff that dude im gunna hang out"
"Your such a Ross!"
by CheerleadersRule March 05, 2009
A complete and total stranger that is nice to everyone. Someone who is cool.
"Dude, he is so Ross!"
by maylodi February 03, 2010
a constantly drunk totally awesome kinda guy who because of his boozing ends up in the totally craziest of situations you can imagine with many a story but short life expectancy
dude who does that guy think he is ?

what guy ?
the guy over there who`s wearing a lampshade on his head and fireworks strapped to his shoes getting a piggy back of an old lady ?

dude thats ROSS man

ah of course
by i like soup December 11, 2009

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