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roron is a fag with nothing better to to than sit at his computer and write senseless remarks about cars better than him.
hotchicknumberone: hello roron, you are a fag.i am leaving you for a six cylinder driver.
by natho September 27, 2003
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still unclear whether human male or god this awesome creature chooses to make its home in perth, western australia. Known to inhale vast amounts of food and liquor and make a mockery of serene japanese culture by demolishing it's delicasies on a regular basis roron is also renowned for his booming voice and ability to crush wayward souls with a single insult. Also to women like whiskey to an alcoholic: utterly irresistable but fucks them over every time. Utterly feared by those pathetic scum who love all things 'rice'. Sometimes referred to as 'sex-on-legs' by women.
hotterthanhotchick1: 'oh my god here comes roron!!' hottestchickever2: *slips off seat* 'i was wet just thinking about him, now i'm soaked!!!'
ricer1: 'then i fitted my bov and picked up 20hp at the whee.. oh shit here comes roron!!' ricefag2: 'fuck, quickly to the wrx, we'll very slowly and noisily get away!!'
by roron June 05, 2003
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