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a really cool lady that one day will be your boss......yes you. She goes to your school and you may not know it, but you will soon.
This roro is soo cool and one day she will be the top!
by Rosie Jermakian November 22, 2004
29 55
Short for the male name Darrell. Exclusively used for Darrell Wong in Markville Secondary School. Also a modern name for Chinese egg rolls.
Wow Roro ate 69 roros.
by Alun February 27, 2005
75 46
Ruben Rodriguez's wife! The most beautiful girl in the world once you meet her you will fall in love like her did husband! She has the best personality, and everything about her makes her perfect!
Rosie Gonzalez(RoRo) soon to be Mrs. Rodriguez is Ruben's wife.
by Rosie's husband! December 03, 2013
10 1
RORO desinged to carry rolling-stock cargo, such as vehicles, heavy equipments, and containers. It is the most convenient way for lading and discharge, especially for auto shipping.The times that wheeled vehicles carried as cargo on oceangoing ships were treated like any other cargo is gone, because RORO costs less, gains more time.
phonecall record from titanshipping
A: I wanna ship my SUV to New Zealand, do you have RORO?
B: yeah
A: It Ferrari, and you guys better be careful, its Matchbox. are you sure you have RORO?
B: yeah, but i dont think you need it Sir.
by Jimgogogo August 25, 2010
7 6
Rolling Rock- a 4.5% abv pale lager launched in 1939 by the Latrobe Brewing Company.
I only drink RoRo because it tastes like liquid gold majesty.. Bro.
by KidToledo May 27, 2010
5 7
Somebody who acts like a dumbass or a retard on purpose or just plain stupid. Has nothing to do with people with developmental disabilities, but this term has used in a condescending way against the mentally challenged.
Dammit Matt!! quit being such a Ro-Ro
by Joaquin Z February 02, 2008
12 20
Commonly used term for a Roll-on Roll-off ferry (eg a car ferry)
ANy cross-channel ferry is a Ro-Ro ferry
by BrianA999 April 16, 2006
6 21
cumminn on a chicks back and leaving
The RORO is when your fucking a girl from behind and you blow your nut on her back. They when she ask you to get her a towel you put your pants on and leave
by qilly February 15, 2007
31 57