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Someone who dresses and speaks like a faggot, pretends to have a lot of money and carries extensive amounts of cash ("G") in his trouser pockets. Rootboys are laughable characters.
Example of rootboy talk: "If you hang with the G, you gotta carry G".
by Vader218 May 18, 2007

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Equivalent to a paperboy but then with the focus on delivering roots (and occasionly rootbeer!).
Man: What the hell is all that junk doing in the front yard?Woman: the rootboy came again....
Man: Great... I just don't get WHY he keeps filling our yard with roots and rootbeer, this is just so f*cked up... it serves absolutely no purpose... sigh.. i'll get the broom.... and visit the cops again... why did we want live here again?
by Maever March 24, 2010