Slang: Attention Whore (as in A&W)
That chick wearin' the booty shorts is a root beer.
by blah blah blah jc February 28, 2014
Vagina Juice

I want some Root Beer
by KP ZC BP September 07, 2011
A greeting between males. Commonly appended to a string of hammers. Similar to the Fist, where the two individuals will bang fists together in a type of ritual greeting. However, with the Rootbeer both individuals must slightly raise their respective fist just before the moment of impact. As if to knock two mugs of Rootbeer together.
What it is, Chris? Eh? Oh nothin' (Hammer, Hammer, Rootbeer), Just trying to design my Control Panel for optimal comfort. Zonino!!1!
by Noslot February 01, 2008
2 black people having sex the man skeet on her entire body thus creating the foam
man if u can root beer someone you have the most cum stored up in your balls to start a new millennium.
by fuckbag2342 July 11, 2008
another word for tampon
We're going to Walgreens to get some "root beer".
by xxmandiexx July 10, 2008
Crazy awesome caucasian MC from upstate New York. Founder of Liquid Records and co-founder of the Caucasian Invasion
The new Rootbeer album is incredible. Everyone should buy it
by Rootbeer February 19, 2005

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