the art of taking a penis in your mouth to a depth such that no area of the penis remains viewable to the naked eye. i.e, goin down to the root of the thing
she gives good head, root down head.
by cb from dc June 17, 2004
Top Definition
1. "break it down" 2. get back to the basics and just rock,
origin: Jimmy Smith song "Root Down and Get It" remixed by the Beastie Boys on 'Ill Communication', (1994)
Lead Vocal says to the Drummer: "When that bass line drops root down"
by Blake Sienkiewicz June 15, 2004
How one's going to kick it.
"How we gonna kick it? Gonna kick it root down." said King Ad Rock, in a rhythmic way of speaking.
by Doug June 17, 2004
A Reggae band from The state of Oregon with band members Jackson- vocals and guitar, Matt- bass and vocals, Craig- guitar, And Brendon- drums.
Guy 1 -Hey man you wanna go listen to music by Rootdown? Guy 2- Hell Ya.
by JonathanfromSd619 July 07, 2010
"Root Down" can mean to get on with something or to knuckle down, it is usually used when describing.
1. (Teacher to Student) Casey, root down with your work please.
by Natalie June 16, 2004
having sexual relations whereas the man is on top and the woman in on the bottom. thus the root is down
im gonna kick it root down
by virtual ouiji June 14, 2004
To have sex in the woods. To get naked in the forest and having wild animal sex.
My girlfriend and I go out to the wilderness to root down
by Spotsaneed June 13, 2004
To engage in sexual intercourse in the missionary position. The word root refers to the male genitals and it is pointed down in the missionary position.

Also a song by the Beastie Boys on their 1994 Ill Communication album.
"I'm gonna fuck my bitch root down tonight!" (Refers to sexual activity)

"Have you heard Root Down by the Beastie Boys yet?" (Refers to a song)
by IceWarm June 17, 2004

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