An man who has sex with everyone without thinking just to fulfull his primal needs.
"Oh may,he is an fucking rooster!"
by Rebecca June 08, 2004
1. A female wearing a strap-on dildo, especially with the intention of having sex with another woman.
2. A female known to wear a strap-on dildo.
3. A female acting in a manner as if you are literally her 'bitch'.
'I wonder which of those ladies will be the rooster tonight?' Can be (obviously) intended as a derogatory term.
by Grumpy Panda February 13, 2008
a male genital
thats one big rooster
by tammybettergetthis September 05, 2003
a dick. in french it translates to UN COQ and that is a cock and that is a dick.
Dammit score some points!!!!! Were sucking ROOSTER!!!!!!
name givin to machine gunners in vietnam. because the sound of a machine gun would usually wake everyone up in the morning. in an ambush or blocking position the machine gunner was always supposed to fire first.

also machine gunners where called this because they sometimes fought out of fortified positions like nests. hence rooster nest.
"man the rooster in my squad got like ten confirmed kills today"
by cyclic rooster April 23, 2009
noun. A woman who is talented at oral sex.
Waka Flocka Flame - Rooster in my 'Rari explains how he has a rooster (orally talented female) in his ferrari, most likely performing what she is talented at while he is driving. (see roadhead ).
by DeeCe531 September 01, 2012
a ladsy lad, whose only goal is to become the ultimate lad, uni, authority and unladsy chooks will not get in his way. A rooster is contempt with his sexuality and is willing to do anything of the sexual or ladsy nature to become a roosteroo, and will avoid anything unladsy in nature which may dampen his chances of success
Person 1: that is one good lookin' rooster, i bet he gets a few birds back to the coop

Person 2: yes that is correct
by hannoboss January 17, 2011

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