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anything that is sick or insane or goofy is known as roogle
dude last night was so roogle
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when you ask a stupid person a question. Retarded google = roogle
Asking Miranda how to use the fax machine is roogleing how to use the fax machine
by mean girl1029 August 23, 2012
The creature with the head of an American eagle and the body of a Kangaroo, most often pictured on the bottles of wine of the same name. The name is derived from the names of both animals i.e. kangaROO and eaGLE.
Man #1: "Hey, did you know that Marquis Phillips, the brand of wines that bare the Roogle name and image, is no longer in partnership?"

Man #2: "Shut up."
by wine-oh August 07, 2010
An administrator or overseer of a large project.
I was surprised to find out that the Roogle was only seventeen years old.
by Anon E. Mous January 03, 2004
A duck-billed platypus.
What on earth was God thinking when he created the Roogle? I mean, it just looks silly!
by Anon. E. Mous November 01, 2003

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