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When someone spikes your drink with a drug without your knowledge.

Effects include vomitting, loss of co-ordination and cognitive abilities, as well as coma induction.
John got roofied the other night!
by snellios April 02, 2006
To get unknowingly raped on a test. When initially after taking a test you feel very good about it, only to find out when you receive your results you did very poorly. Derived from the fact that after ingesting the drug Flunitrazepam(roofie), you can get raped and not even know it.
Johnny left the exam room feeling as if he aced the multiple choice section and wrote an amazing essay. Little did he know that he actually got roofied by the test, and will receive a score of 47%.
by jecksta October 14, 2014
When you get so drunk that someone might as well have spiked your drink.
Yeah man, I don't remember anything...I was roofied!
by spayzant December 19, 2010
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