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1. A Jamaican bad boy
2. A 70s yoot who listens to ska music
3. A londoner (+ surrounding counties) who listens to jungle, d+b, breakbeat, reggae, ragga
4. An insult term for anyone who wears a baseball cap
1. Dis roodbwoy inna de yard im shot de bwoy
2. Roodbwoys listened to The Specials, and wore black and white checks
3. "Bad boys inna London-a, roodbwoys inna england, bad boys inna your corner, roodbwoys inna kingston, watcha" from Original Nuttah by UK Apache + Shy FX ('94 junglist tune)
4. I was busy slashing my wrists to the Nirvana concert when all these roodbwoys came round and started shouting at me
by DJSTYLi April 18, 2005
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