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1. someone who is afraid to come out of the closet; closet-dweller.
2. someone who has an exceptionally hot mom and sister that you would enjoy fucking the shit out of.
3. someone that loves the cock rubbed all over his face.
4. a person who cannot play hockey to save their extremely hot mom's life, and cannot pass a puck for shit.
1. man, have you seen rongione's mom?
2. that kid has a rongione!
3. did you see that pass, he just pulled a rongione.
4. come out of the closet you rongione, we all know you're gay.
5. person 1: where are my shoes? oh, they're in the closet
person 2: yeah, like rongione.
by rongione's a faggot February 18, 2006
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