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to consume beautiful, long, and vibrant free-flowing hair with a massive amount of hair product
"I can't hit up Studio 4 until I have ron'ified."
by Adam Mesh February 15, 2007
To become drunk beyond comprehension. To take on a seperate identity Roni while being intoxicated.
You are totally ronified.
by Ryan Graney October 11, 2006
One who promises help in setting up technical apparatisus, and never delivers. A party guest in a superman costume
I was told by a friend that help would be given setting up this computer 3 weeks ago, but I was ronified
by eboogyman January 06, 2003
Getting touched inappropriately by Father.
Teenage Daughter: He touched me inappropriately! My own dad!

Kids Help Phone: You got Ronified
by HarryPNess6969 January 19, 2013
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