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To fail at something that would normally be considered easy to accomplish.
He should have got an A on the exam because he studied so hard, but instead he really romo'ed it.
by NYNikeMike January 16, 2007
71 62
|ˈRō-mō| - verb - in U.S. Football, to panic in the face of pressure and throw the ball directly into the hands of of an opposing teammate with such accuracy, one might think the interception was intentional.
Way to Romo that pass, Orton; once again, the Cowboys miss the playoffs.
by PaulH January 05, 2014
5 0
A Romo is a person who engages in a heterosexual relationship to cover up the fact that they are homosexual. Romo can also refer to the deceptive relationship itself.
"Is Matt gay?"
"No, he can't be, he's married"
"Maybe he's a Romo"

"Matt's wife was complaining that they never have sex"
"Yeah, that whole relationship is probably just a Romo"
by veri tas October 19, 2011
7 3
Short for Roach Mobile. While smoking a blunt, when it gets to roach size, grab a plastic bottle. Burn a hole the size of your thumb for the carb hole which is covered with a finger during inhalation and then released to clear the bottle of smoke. Burn a hole for the blunt, making sure the size of the hole is just right so the blunt wont drop through. Put your thumb on the carb hole and inhale till the bottle is full of smoke. Release your thumb and inhale.
stoner 1: Yo man, lets romo that blunt.

stoner 2: I got the bottle ready to goooo

stoner 1: ROMO TIME
by sgav24 May 23, 2010
10 6
Regret Of Missing Out - when you have an early night, and wake up to a million social media posts of other people who went out and had a great night.
'Oh man, I wish I went to that house party now. I have such bad ROMO about it.'
by Meliss111 September 01, 2013
4 1
Really Homo.
Dude your Romo,
by SlapYouInYourDomePiece2wice October 19, 2011
1 1
Reasons Of My Own
X: Why did you call last night?
by LilyVonQ December 02, 2010
1 3