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The root of dubs stems from the term doves. Doves, inturn, is used to describe 1 gram of marijuana. A "flock of doves" is 1 ounce of marijuana in individual 1 gram "dime" bags prepared to be sold. The transistion from marijuana to wheels might be from the ostentatious cars driven by successful drug dealers.
Hook me up wit a dub (a.k.a. dove, dime ) of da sticky-icky.
by Ed August 06, 2003

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To drive a vehicle fitted with large (and usually ridiculous looking) alloy wheels. Rock stars and footballers proudly roll on some of the biggest dubs that often have spinning centres that automatically make them look like retards.
Matt, I saw Joe Cole in his car yesterday.

Was he rolling on dubs?

Yeah, he looked like a total knob.
by Jim Birtwisle January 15, 2008