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Term used to describe when a diesel engine is blowing a thick cloud of black smoke. Also common with yuppie teenager's who have there parents pay for a nice diesel truck and then put a chip in it to blow smoke.
"You should have seen that truck it was rolling coal like crazy."
by popsicleishous February 18, 2009
A large diesel truck equipped to blow large clouds of black smoke to signal a desire for deep anal fisting
I had no idea tom was into fisting until I saw him rolling coal
by Datsu smallcoch July 10, 2015
Laying down a long fart while ascending an escalator. Preferably done after saving your farts for as long as possible to maximize emissions of fecal particles.
Damn dude, I'm taking the stairs. That guy on the escalator was rolling coal.
by Bonne Mamman's Bench December 14, 2015

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