to be high on ecstacy
them yellow donkeys and gators get ya mind right, them pink bitches, they gon have you rollin all night
by jiggalatin4life November 21, 2007
as in "picture me rollin'" by 2pac, meaning to cruise around in a sweet ride (plain english: drive a nice car and try to look very cool while sitting in the back seat with one hand resting on the steering wheel and the other hand propped up on your chin that is bouncing to the beat with your head. driving slowly with windows commonly down, radio playing loudly as rap or hip-hop floods the neighborhood.)
"Picture me rollin' in my 500 benz"
by lisagirl April 08, 2003
To have the experience of a great experience on ecstasy. Rollin is the feeling of never wanting to stop, hince the word "Roll".
"Dude, I took 3 blue supermans last and was rollin balls for hours."
by Dewald May 17, 2005
a college, a.k.a country club, where the weather is hot and the students are hotter. a typical day for a rollins student includes: waking up late, throwing on some designer clothes, maybe going to class, laying out by the pool, watching wakeboarders on the lake, eating on park ave., and eventually going down town or to a winter park hot spot and popping bottles like it's their job. not that many students have actually jobs, thanks daddy.

greek life is huge, surprising for the size of the school. the fraternities include: Phi Delt, ATO, TKE, Chi Psi, and X Club. sororities include: KKG, Chi O, KD, NCM, AOPi, and SGRho. Its hard to say what sorority and fraternities are the best and the worst overall but this past year KKG and Phi Delt have come out on top for rush.
student 1: hey what do you want to do today?

student 2: um i dunno, maybe go to a sick phi delt day party, go to dinner on park ave., then go downtown

student 1: yeah that sounds good. we can take my beamer to the party.

student 2: okay, let me grab my black card and we're good to go brah.

student 1: god im so glad i go to rollins
by rolly colly October 05, 2009
Usually associated with the ecstasy experience but can also refer to a bowl of pot/weed/grass that is lit and is still burning. If a bowl is rolling there is no need to light it.
In relation to ecstasy, "Man, I took a molly about three hours ago and I am rollin'!"
In relatioin to pot,"Hey hit that quick, it's rollin' you don't need a light."
by Phillip Glass February 01, 2006
trippin out on ecstasy
Damn he was rolling hardcore.
by I'm the weedman December 31, 2008
Is when a person makes you laugh really hard.
Jen had me rollin when she said that joke.
by Jendai July 06, 2008

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