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One who loves all aspects of the game of roller hockey, including off-rink shenanigans.

Criteria include:

1) The love of "wheelin" both on and off of the floor

(see wheel, definitions 1 and 3 for a full understanding)

2) The desire to "eat pucks," or what is commonly known as block shots

3) A common understanding that everything is "for the boys"

4) In addition, many rollerdads often enjoy chewing tobacco, or a "chawdad," however this is not required

5) Other criteria such as great flow, etc adds to the score
1) Did you see Tommy's new instagram picture? Just him and a fresh chawdad with the boys.. he's such a rollerdad.

2) Clint, you look like a real rollerdad with sick flow like that.
by azrollerdad97 October 29, 2012