Waking up in the morning with the special one beside and engaging in affectionate activities.
"How was your night with (insert name)?"
"Great. We ate dinner, saw a movie, and went back home with a few friends to look at the new house. I woke up the next morning, did a rollover, and we ate breakfast on the beach."
by LookOutAbove April 03, 2007
Waking the next morning with in a drunken stupor similar to the one had the night before.
I woke up with such a rollover, I couldn't drive!
by James November 18, 2004
n. A term cused commonly in Kingdom of Loathing, signalling the time between the previous day and the next in the Kingdom. Maintenance time in the Kingdaom.
"When is rollover?"
"Did rollover happen yet tonight?"
"The system is down due to rollover."
by Thnikkaman3000 February 15, 2005
A cat in heat that rolls over and demands you make her pregnant.
Nikita (the cat) rolled over quickly and started meowing, she had performed a Roll Over.
by Catman72 June 16, 2007

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