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A naval term used as an excuse by somebody who stumbles into the back of another person, often when the penis of the stumbler is in a somewhat turgid state. The stumbler is blaming the way the ship is rolling about in what is probably a heavy sea.

The usual response to that involves a roll of lino. That is a comparison with a roll of linoleum floor covering, i.e. something hard, thick and long. That may be a warning to not do it again, or a thinly veiled invitation to do it again, only more deliberately. Nobody knows which is which until they respond in the wrong way.
Jim Lad: "What the fuck was that???"

Nobby: "Sorry, roll of the ship"

Jim Lad: "Felt more like a roll of lino"

Nobby: "Oh, interested?"

Jim Lad: "Go and fuck yourself"
by verbusaccidentibus August 06, 2010
when a former member of the navy blames walking past a man and grabbing at the mans genitals on the fact he lost his sense of balance whilst in the navy, not the fact he is actually a closet homosexual.
"sorry mate, roll of the ship!" he said
by burt kamersson August 11, 2003
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