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A place inhabited by black people (see also: ghetto); A ghetto; Any dirty location; Malibu Apartments in Tampa, Florida; The University of South Florida; Any place where hot messes occur; The White House when Obama takes office; Any place where one is uncomfortable, annoyed, angered, in danger, or can be attacked in the form of rape, murder, burglary, robbery, mugging, and gang bang; Any place where a gun is present (see also: University Gun & Pawn, Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, FL)
There are so many roids in this roidtrap.

I can't wait to get out of this roidtrap.

This place is a roach infested roidtrap.

This is a roidtrap hot mess.

I feel like a roidtrap. (can be used as an adjective)

I only go to this roidtrap for my purple drank.

Jerk Hut is such a roid trap.

Popeyes Chicken is a roidtrap.

I love that roidtrap Carver City.
by Tampa Pain July 01, 2008
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