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Steroid abuser. Muscle-bound freak. Roid junkie.
Look at that ugly meat head, must be a roider!
Oh, that's Arnie Szhwarzenegger.
by Aaaardvark November 27, 2006
valleys commonly used slang for a person who uses sterioids to build up guns. normally extremly big headed people who think they are lush. warning very short fused and will blow up over the smallest of things.
Look at him that roider looks like he's swallowed a fiesta!
That roider doesnt have guns he has fucking cannons!
by bigsuckableplums June 28, 2010
(n) 1. Slang for a really big penis. 2. One bad mofo. 3. A title (eg, King Roider)
1.) Dude, I have the biggest roider ever. 2.) That guy is a motherfucking ROIDER. 3.) The King Roider pwns u.
by Matt Schiros February 27, 2003