A clique of people who you see out in clubs, they look like they excessively use the local gym. Often seen wearing tight designer clother and looking tough.
Mozz - Lets go to "name decent club" on saturday...

Me - Fuck off, its full of roid heads
by LT M0fo November 15, 2006
Top Definition
someone who extensively uses steroids
I went to the club and it was packed with roid heads
by phil June 22, 2004
someone with huge muscles and a huge ego to try and cover up the fact they have a little cock. Generally a roid head is a fucking douchebag and doesnt care about anyone but themselves.
Richard- "That guy didn't even re-rack his weights!"
Jim- "Yeah I can't stand those fucking roid heads."
by deshaunfan26 May 18, 2010
a head increased in size because of the use of steroids
barry bonds is a roidhead.
by jim s. July 28, 2006

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